• Being a college student is fun until the money runs out. Then it’s a situation of stretching your money thin just to make it to the next paycheck because you spent a quarter of it at the bar last night. We’ve all been there before. If you find yourself scraping by with barely two pennies to rub together, then it’s time to consider ways to earn more income. At first, it may seem daunting, but with a little willpower, you can reach your financial goals in no-time.

1. Tutor or Teach

As a college student, you are in school to learn in-depth about the topics you care about. If you want to capitalize on the information that’s floating in your head, while it’s floating in your head, turn around and teach it to someone else.

We all know that teaching is a great way to better retain information, but it’s also a great way to earn some cash. You don’t have to be an expert either. If you are studying calculus, you probably know the basics of algebra and can teach that to little kids.

2. Starting a Blog

Our favorite way to earn money as a college student is to start your own blog. The overhead is low, you can choose almost any industry to write about, and you can eventually turn it into something that generates recurring income for you.

With a little bit of technical know-how, you can take your passionate thoughts and turn them into hard-earned dollars. We recommend learning a little about website security to make sure you can scale it when you start taking off.

3. Be a Sitter of Sorts

Sitting is an adventurous job and a creative one to boot – just so we’re clear, we’re talking about housesitting, babysitting and dog-sitting. It involves simple tasks like walking a dog or playing with children, but it can teach lessons that build character – and these lessons will make the rest of life easier.

While it seems like more work than it’s worth, a sitting job can turn into a fruitful career. You learn about advertising and networking while building the discipline to follow through with your goals. If you really like empty homes, energetic children and/or playful pets, we suggest giving sitting a try.

4. Sell Crafts on Etsy

For the creative types that want to work at their own pace, we suggest taking your masterpieces to Etsy. This online hub for arts and crafts is the perfect place for budding entrepreneurs to sell their artistic designs and build their brand.

It’s relatively easy, too. With flexible shipping options to countries around the world, you can reach your audience no matter how far away. All you have to do is let your imagination do its thing in creating your trinkets while the marketplace handles the logistics of making your business legit.

5. Deliver Food or Rideshare

Cars are an investment, one that you can use to your benefit if you find extra free time during your school week. You can use your wheels to earn cash delivering food or dropping people off with apps like Uber, Lyft and Postmates.

If you are a safe driver who has enough manners to leave other’s food alone, then a few nights a week are a quick trip to money in the bank. This option is more about willpower, though. Anyone can watch Netflix for another couple of episodes, but it takes a champion to be disciplined about your driving/delivery schedule.

6. Build Your Portfolio with Gigs

Our last creative way to earn an income is also the easiest way to stay organized and ready for your job search after college. Building a portfolio requires having things to do, then completing them. This requires clients, and if you are just starting out, the best place to start is a gig marketplace such as Fiverr or Upwork.

In the beginning, you will probably do tasks that are below your pay grade, but the important thing here is to build site credibility. Over time as you complete more and more tasks, your reputation will grow and with it, the trust of the users on the site.

When users start to trust you, they are more willing to work on extended gigs for legit pay and potential job opportunities. With a little bit of grit, you can build a freelancing career along with a solid network to reach out to as you approach graduation.

There are many different ways to earn extra money as a college student, but it all comes down to the passion you have to make it happen. The six creative ways listed here are only a handful of ideas to try, but it’s most important to do what makes you happy. This way, you can primarily focus on school, while making money on the side and having fun doing it.

You are in college to have fun, right? Make the best of it, while making some change too.

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash