I'm not dealing well. With 353 days until next Halloween , you could say I'm feeling a little post-Halloween withdrawal. But not to fear! To help stave us off until next year, here are some pictures from Not-Jack-O-Lantern, the annual pumpkin carving contest that took place on Oct. 29.  

This pumpkin creation depicting floating jellyfish was dubbed Best in Show by the judges. Visitors were encouraged to lie on their backs and look up at it from the bottom.


This adorable hedgehog was one of several sent to the Eastcliff display!


This shark-inspired display featured a paper boat that moved on a timer and played the Jaws theme song.

The incredible detail in this Daredevil pumpkin ensured its place at the Eastcliff display, a massive display of pumpkins at a university-wide Halloween party held at the President’s house.


Voted People’s Choice, this Cinderella pumpkin and her pumpkin carriage were definitely crowd favorites!

The elaborate paper cutting on this pumpkin made for a beautiful effect when lit from the back! The contest rules stated that any materials could be used in the carving of the pumpkin as long as a pumpkin was somehow involved. This artist definitely made the best of it!

This more abstract pumpkin took the use of other materials to a whole new level! It has everything from twine to giant eyeballs and miniature trick-or-treaters!

To be perfectly honest, this pumpkin scared the heck out of me (in a good way!). The crazed expression reminiscent of an ax murderer is most definitely NOT the classic Jack we’ve come to know and love.

Spreading the Jack Skellington love is this pumpkin creation, also headed for the Eastcliff display!


This pumpkin brought out everyone’s inner child. The rainbow glow-stick lighting and the whimsical (but incredibly detailed) horses were a beautiful addition to the Eastcliff Display.


This portrait of Albert Einstein went to the Eastcliff Display as well. The effort and detail that went into this carving are exquisite!

Obviously the one pumpkin given out by the contest organizers wasn’t enough for the creators of this cute “Spooky-Bot” pumpkin! The gourd-and-Popsicle stick arms and legs were an adorable addition to this Eastcliff Display winning creation!

Lead image credit: Kate Wilmot