Every year, without fail, I always end up getting my dad more dress shirts or sweat pants. But this year, I want to be different! Let's shock everyone around the tree by getting our fathers actual thoughtful gifts instead of the cheesy default options. If you're trying to brain storm something nice to get your dad, check out these 8 gift ideas.

 1. Homemade Coupons


 If you're running low on funds this holiday season don't worry! Channel your inner craft wizard and make personal coupons for your dad. They can anything from something as simple as "Free Hug" to "No Complaints for 5 Hours" or "Free Car Wash." Get creative with what you can offer your dad! It'll be fun to see if he actually uses them through out the year!

 2. Reusable Tumbler 


If you've got an environmentally conscious dad, grab him a reusable water bottle! And if he's already got one, then he can graduate to the metal straws and utensil sets.

3. Subscription


There are tons of subscription services out there. You could sign him up for the Dollar Shave Club or Book-of-the-Month. They have tons of services and I'm sure he'd like at least one of them. 

4. Experience 


Sometimes they have it all, so you could gift him an experience! Surprise the father figure in your life with tickets to something he's been meaning to do or see. Whether it's a Broadway musical, plane ticket or just to see a movie, it could be something special you could do together. Just stash them in a card and let him unwrap it on Christmas morning! 

5. Ancestry Kit 


If your dad is anything like mine, he is curious about his heritage. This year, you could give him the gift of ancestry with a DNA test. It could even help you fill out half of your family tree as well. 

6. Newest Technology


If you've got a techie dad or better yet, one that's lacking on the newest trends, he might like an Alexa or Google Home or maybe even an Apple Watch. Don't let your dad fall behind on the trends! Hook him up with the newest stuff. 

7. Pay a Bill


How do you repay the man that's provided for you? For Christmas, try to sneak and pay the electricity bill or even his Netflix. It might not be much, but it's a way for you to show that you appreciate everything he's done.

8. To-Do List Item 


Dad's have long lists of things they've been meaning to do. Annoying things like getting the oil changed in the car or painting the fence around the house. You could take care of one or two things on his to-do list and just tell him Santa sent one of top elves to take care of it for him. 

In the end, what you end up getting your dad doesn't really matter. You could re-grout the tile floors, make him a Bob Ross painting or even get him that cheesy tie. As long as it's from the heart, he's sure to love it. 

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash