Who We Are

Fresh U’s audience begins when high school seniors receive their first college acceptance letter and goes beyond the end of their freshman year. Our content – written by college students – focuses on the new experiences of freshman year, like living with a roommate for the first time or adjusting to a rigorous academic schedule. However, because our Generation Z audience is very engaged in current events, Fresh U has a unique model for surfacing local news stories on college campuses and communities. Using our contributor network spread across the country, Fresh U produces original content covering on-campus protests, human interest stories, or student reactions to national events.

Our Values

At Fresh U, our writers come first.

There is a growing problem among university-centered publications where college students are used to create the bulk of the site’s content without compensation. Fresh U was started on the basic idea of giving high school seniors and college freshman a platform to be published and to have their voice heard. We believe strongly that a website which is built upon the work of college students, should compensate them for their content. So we’re changing the game. Here’s a few of the things we are doing to put our writers first.

1. We have begun to compensate our writers for top articles.

2. We’ve created a support community for our writers where they can chat with each other, share their articles, give and receive advice from their peers, and talk directly to Fresh U’s head staff when needed.

3. We’ve featured and continue to feature our writers on social media to put a face to the content they are producing.

4. We have announced our intention to move to a fair compensation business model when we begin to generate revenue. 

By doing this, we hope to lead by example and bring this problem to light so that other publications may follow in the future.

Partnership with Teen Vogue

Fresh U has been working with Teen Vogue since February 2015. In addition to content syndication, Fresh U and Teen Vogue collaborate on original content to give college students the opportunity to weight in on important issues like policy decisions, protests, and more

Fresh U takes pride in offering our writers the chance to get their work published on Teen Vogue and we will continue to provide more opportunities like this as we grow.

Advertise with us!

Fresh U offers native advertising in the form of video and articles. All native videos are posted on our Facebook and Twitter pages. If you are interested in getting in touch with us, please email kate@freshu.io.